What is Alcantara? 

Alcantara is the brand name of a common synthetic textile material. It has a soft, suede-like microfibre pile and is noted for its durability. Alcantara is commonly seen in automotive applications, as a substitute for leather and vinyl in vehicle interior trim. It is also used in the design, fashion, consumer electronics and marine industries. Alcantara was developed in the 1970s by Miyoshi Okamoto and initially manufactured by the Italian company Alcantara

Do I need to remove the original leather of the steering wheel ?
No, you dont need to, the steering wheel cover is sized and shaped based on the original steering wheel template.
It is not necessary to disassemble the steering wheel from your car, you could just install in your car.
How to install it ?
We have installation video on page and brochure within the package, please follow the installation guide from the brochure  step by step or search "DIY steering wheel cover" on Youtube to find more installation videos.

How do i know if this cover is suitable for my steering wheel ?
Because of the car model names are different in each countries, so the car models we offer are only a reference. Please check the original steering wheel photo, make sure it match your steering wheel size and shape as well as the paddle shifters, please upload a photo of your own steering wheel while you making your order on our website, then we can double check it for you and make sure it is the perfect match.  If you still not sure, please contact us.
How to clean Alcantara?

Use any fabric cleaner, although preferably an automotive one. Spray it onto the wheel, concentrating on a single quarter at a time. Don’t spray too much – if you soak the wheel, it’ll make the Alcantara brittle when it dries out. Then take a warm, damp microfibre cloth, wrap it around that quarter and then start to work it by gently twisting the cloth: you’re trying to transfer the dirt onto the microfibre, so imagine you’re twisting a motorbike grip.Now move onto the next section. If there are any particularly grease areas such as the thumb grips, use a single finger wrapped in the microfibre to concentrate on those.Next use a dry microfibre cloth to absorb as much of the damp as possible, again rubbing the wheel to try to bring the fluffiness back.

Shipment and production time?

Standard Free Shipping and delivery time is approximately 15-20 days (Express Shipping 5-10 days) depending on location. We try our best to deliver your order within 20 working days. Order processing/production time is about 12 hours. Orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed on the next business day. Please keep in mind we produce your order after payment and these order are custom build to order.